Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis

Classical Guitar In The Digital Age


I’m sitting in my bed, it’s sort of rainy outside. I need something to eat, but I’m too apathetic to get up. What should I listen to? Aaron Lewis. This guitarist/composer has been writing some of the most beautiful mood music for various ensembles around Albuquerque for a while now.

His song “Candlelight” is brilliantly layered. This is great because if somebody specifically calls themselves a “composer” they better deliver. He does all the way from the rain at the beginning of the track and crickets at the end. I can imagine that this is the music that would float through my ears if I were living in a cave and looking longingly out the window into endless fields.

Lo-fi beats and filtered keys fill the duration “Wondering When The Rain Will Come”. This classical guitarist really gets out of the comfortable element of most of his peers, and it pays off. He reveals his thoughts on inclement weather on this track and then later creates the beautiful feeling of soaking up the sun on a Friday afternoon on a track by just that name.

Aaron Lewis doesn’t look like a guy you would find in a regular club or a bar jamming out tunes on a weekend, but I think he has quite a bit to offer to that crowd. Most of these songs are totally worth playing and slowly taking in. If you want to check out some new and interesting music, head on over to his Reverb Nation page, and give him a listen.