Alex Full Of Wonder

Alex Full Of Wonder

Alex would be a wonderful dinosaur.

Turtles are among my favorite animals. Some of the best albums are recorded in bedrooms. So, when I saw Alex Full Of Wonder’s album cover for I Am A Turtle, I knew I had to write about them. Only 58 people like this music on Facebook? What’s wrong with the world today?

Alex would be a wonderful dinosaur. Turtles are kind of like dinosaurs.

All of these songs are very honest and very, what you would call, lo fidelity. This genre (honest bedroom singer/songwriter folk) requires the songs to lack elaborate production. I’m starting to hate when people use the word “indie”. Alex Full Of Wonder doesn’t. All the tags are: Alex, full, of, wonder, I, am, a, dinosaur, folk, singer-songwriter, turtle, and Albuquerque. That’s way more descriptive than bands that just say, “Hey! We’re really indie, you know?”

None of these songs are very long, but that’s also a requirement of the genre. “She Stayed Up Just To Watch The Sunrise” is an instrumental guitar track split into two parts. That’s really tasteful.

“Song Of The Bells” is my favorite track on the album. It’s totally eerie, and eventually this rumbling bass thing starts creeping in.

It appears that Alex got a banjo for Christmas, as evidenced by a December 26th Facebook post, “Got a wonderful new instrument to play with. Get ready for some banjo in my future songs!” Keep an eye out for that and other gems from this Albuquerque local. Go like Alex Full Of Wonder on Facebook.