The Blue Hornets

The Blue Hornets

Rock Steady In Albuquerque

 I haven’t enjoyed modern Reggae and Ska in quite a while. I spent most of my live in Knoxville, TN, a town which held a “Ska Weekend” every year and attracted bands from all over the country. That scene was great, but it wasn’t really anything I could enjoy very long without being at a show. That sort of third-wave Ska was mostly punk influenced, and that tends to be what I associate with Ska.

However, The Blue Hornets are no such punk rockers. They list their genre as Reggae / Rock Steady / Ska. Those are three very different genres originating at quite different times in Jamaica with quite different associations, but just the fact that they listed all three instead of Punk or Rock shows their interests. The Blue Hornets are solid musicians, writing solid, fully enjoyable songs.

You’ll only find one song on their Facebook page, so go to their actual site where you can get samples of several others and buy songs if you wish. The song on their Facebook page is probably their best though. It’s called “Swing Easy” and that’s exactly what it does.

The Blue Hornets are playing at Alibi’s tonight. Formal attire is encouraged, and there will be a champagne toast at midnight. There will also be limited free food from Monroe’s and a Photo Booth from Photo Booth rentals of New Mexico. If you don’t have any other plans and you want to swing easy in Albuquerque tonight, go ahead and head over to Alibi’s on Central Avenue.