Garage Metal Band Review: Tenderizor

Garage Metal Band Review: Tenderizor

Album “Touch The Sword” includes five tracks of desert thrash noise.

Do you like garage metal? If you do, then you should definitely check out Tenderizor’s album “Touch The Sword” for eight tracks of desert thrash noise. It’s great when a band calls itself something you can’t help but immediately agree with.

Tenderizor’s first track begins with 8-bit guitar arpeggios, and when you think there couldn’t possibly be more lead guitar parts, swoops in with droning whole notes. After almost a minute and a half of suspense, chords blare and “Hellucination” begins in earnest. Vocals begin well after the three minute mark, as does a pounding bass drum. This is indeed desert thrash noise.

The cover of their album is a large red eagle carrying a white sword with a skull on the end of the handle. The photos on their Facebook page suggest they don’t take themselves too seriously though and instead have an awesome time playing shows in houses. There are too many sweaty crowd members for their shows to not be fun.

Their second track, “Rockweiler”, begins immediately at full force. After a short break down, chants of “Rockweiler” take over. The rest of the album continues as desired, thrashy and noisy.

Tenderizor consists of Pat Day, Mike Day, Raven Cacon, Kris Kerby, and Steve Hammond. Steve, the vocalist for the band, prefers to be called ‘Steed Handlor’. Each player lists “noise” as one of their instruments on the band’s Facebook page. Check out Tenderizor and find out what desert thrash rock is all about. You will surely agree that this band is one of the noisiest around.