Glowhouse - Slowtide

Glowhouse - Slowtide

Go ahead and name your price for this masterpiece of melancholy from Albuquerque’s Glowhouse. Describing themselves as Dark Ambient Folk, Glowhouse has something for everyone in this age of sad reverberated guitars, electronic drum beats, and lonely lyrics.

This story of longing from Alexander Sugg, released in May 2011, is sure to resonant well with anyone who’s ever experienced gradual loss. “Are you there?” he repeats. Is a lover missing? Has a father run out? If you’ve lost someone important without good reason, this song is sure to make you cry.

Also be sure to check out Nightlight, the second track on Glowhouse’s Bandcamp front page. Yet another triumph in sorrow, fans of Slow Tide will love Nightlight. Sugg pairs beautiful strings with drawn out emotional lyrics masterfully.

This is exactly what the Albuquerque scene needs right now. There are far too many mediocre punk and metal bands and not enough emotional songwriters unafraid to speak their feelings. Excellent work, Alexander. We expect great things from you in the future.

You’ll also find some of the hippest show flyers around Albuquerque if you visit Glowhouse’s Facebook page. This is to quickly becoming a lost art in the modern age.

Turn out the lights. Grab a glass of wine. Let the waves of music wash away your worries. For someone else out there is fighting exactly the same problems as you. Follow them on Tumblr, check them out on Myspace, or pick up some music on Bandcamp, but don’t pass them up.