Jenny Invert

Jenny Invert

"They call this “Indie-Freak-Pop Ménage” or “A mix of rock n’ roll and sweet indie"

Jenny Invert is great! The sparkling guitar at the beginning of “The Past Has Passed” (as well as the clever title) was enough to hook me in and convince me to write about this band for this week’s article. I love the reverb on the vocals for the main line. These arrangements are great, and the vocals seem sincere.

Sometimes we all need to remember that the past really has passed. “Everything that was is gone, and now is all that’s left” he sings. That’s so incredibly true. This track is only two and a half minutes long, but it’s one of the most important ideas I’ve ever thought about.

They call this “Indie-Freak-Pop Ménage” or “A mix of rock n’ roll and sweet indie, with a twist of jazz and some nods to vaudeville”. It’s certainly unique. “Crossing The Divide” needs to be on the radio. This is really good pop/rock. I like the squealing sounds.

The beginning of “Look To The Future” is an exciting break from radio pop. The beginning of this song is a really great mess. Sometimes people hit things all at once and it sounds terrible, but sometimes it sounds great. It sounds great here. Call it jazz-rock fusion. Miles Davis did that a lot, right?

Jenny Invert likes riding bikes, giving pedicab rides, riding in the van, and getting pedicab rides. This band loves riding. I hope they love roller coasters. I hope they love trains. Those are some of the best things to ride.