Serious Business

I love songs that are so fast that listening to them makes me want to test my typing skills. “Cubical Cowboy” by electronic artist Josh from Albuquerque does not disappoint at all. I’m actually quickly developing a sort of learned helplessness from trying to keep up with this ridiculously fast tempo.

That’s an interesting concept. People naturally try to nod their heads or otherwise move their body to the tempo of songs with strong beats, but if you make the beat so fast that they actually can’t physically keep up, you start to mess with them psychologically. Is this your intention, Josh? If so, well done. I can’t keep up with these beats at all, and they’re blowing my mind.

“Opportunity”, the second track on his album “Serious Business” is slower than “Cubical Cowboy”, but no less interesting. These tones are better than most, and these beats are still very strong.

“Elevator” is probably my favorite track on the album. If I close my eyes and imagine that I’m in an elevator while I listen to this, I love elevators so much more than normal. This song incites a stronger physical urge to move in me than any of the others, even though it’s probably the slowest. This sort of just blows all that stuff I said about fast songs totally away. Josh’s songs are great. Josh’s songs are confusing in exactly the right ways. Once again, excellent work, Josh. Keep making tracks like this and I’ll keep finding them and writing confusing stories.