Lousy Robot

Lousy Robot

The Strange And True Story Of Your Life

A crunchier than real life electric guitar immediately begins Lousy Robot’s album, “The Strange And True Story Of Your Life.” The know that we all seem strange, and they’re not complaining. This was released in August of 2005, but I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if I would’ve looked at the bottom of Lousy Robot’s Bandcamp page and discovered a mid-nineties date instead. This kind of writing hasn’t existed in such radio friendly rock in a long time. Excellent job, Lousy Robot.

My favorite track on the album is definitely “Together Somehow”, the very first of the album’s ten tracks. However, “Flying Pizza” is very solid as well. This makes me want to jump back to early high school and hang out with my sister on the trampoline for six or seven hours on a hot and boring Saturday. That’s a much greater compliment than it probably sounds like. Those were great times, and songs like this were the soundtrack for those times. All I need is a twenty dollar cd player, an extension cord, a trampoline, and way more time than I know what to do with.

They called this postpunk and power pop which both mean totally different things in 2005. The postpunk indie rock of 2005 is the radio nostalgia of today.

These guys definitely kept making records since 2005. Speaking of which, they released “Smile Like You Are Somewhere Else” in 2006 and “Hail The Conquering Fool” in 2011. Be sure to give it all a listen.