Lowercase Noises

Lowercase Noises

Lowercase Noises from Albuquerque, New Mexico is a refreshing take on experimental, ambient, drone, post-rock. Multi-instrumentalist and producer Andy Othling has been gathering quite a many fans recently on Facebook, and his latest project, the five-track album “Vivian”, is really worth the recognition.  

I don’t know if it’s really this obvious, but the title of the first track, “A Little Lair For A Very Small Bear”, paired with the album cover really make me imagine the song as it could play in the nursery for a napping child. Othling states directly that “this album is a gift to his new daughter.” This is a beautiful gift, much like his May 2010 album “Marshall” for his son.

The packaging is handmade, the songs are well written and produced, and the context is beautiful. This is really worth a serious listen, even if you aren’t baby Vivian or Marshall.

These melodies are subtle, and these tones are smooth. This is really what you want to listen to if you’re in a very “I want to hang out in my room and reflect” kind of mood, as we all inevitably are from time to time.

Othling has completed quite a few projects under the name Lowercase Noises now besides Vivian and Marshall. Seafront (2009), Ambient Songs (2010), Carry Us All Away (2010), and Migratory Patterns (2011) all seem well worth a full listen. I’m saving them for a slow day here in Murfreesboro. I’m so glad Othling actually used the phrase “lullaby-like” in the biography section of his Facebook page.