WasteLand InKorporated

WasteLand InKorporated

"The band claims joint origins in Albuquerque and Los Angeles"

WasteLand InKorporated describes themselves as Punk/Psychedelic/Hip-Hop/Rock, and it’s easy to see what happens when you combine all of those genres in the songs on their Myspace.


The band claims joint origins in Albuquerque and Los Angeles, stating that they originally met and formed on the world famous boardwalk of Venice Beach. They seem to tour quote a bit, claiming “all over” as their current location. Stating their interests as “all things art, sex, booze, and debauchery,” their tours are probably about as wild as you’d expect from a band called WasteLand InKorporated.

“Pack Of Gum” begins with “I live in a dump. All I’ve got is junk.” Its continual repetition of the main phrase, pack of gum, seems to be an attempt to emphasize the poor position in life the author finds himself. As it transitions into “pack a gun” the focus becomes apparent, and with his final phrase Sam Moore lets you know that things are evidently much more optimistic than he described.

“Pinocchio Love” begins with sparse keys, bass, and drums and then progresses to tell the well known story of Pinocchio the puppet as he turns into a donkey, is swallowed by a whale, and constantly asks desperately for help.

“Sensitive Guy” starts with a pretty dry, classical piano riff. Drums and bass come in after a few measures followed by vocals chanting that an unnamed character is a sensitive guy. Moore contrasts himself greatly with the following lines, which actually aren’t sensitive at all. I’ll leave them for you to explore rather than spell them out here.