February 2019

Radioactive Waste 382 - Cleanup Of Northeast Church Rock Mine and Mill on Navajo Nation Land

Northeast Church Rock Mine.jpg

Northeast Church Rock Mine

        Problems with mining uranium do not get much coverage in the media. However, they pose a very serious threat to the environment both during the mining operation and for decades after the mine has been shut down.

Grateful Dead Vans

If you could buy a pair of shoes inspired by the Grateful Dead, would you? Vans has created a new line of shoes based on The Grateful Dead and they are tie dyed out of this world! Some of the shoes feature skeletal arms and roses, perfect symbols of the band, and others are more plain. There are even high tops if you prefer that style.

The Darker It Is The More You Drink

Years ago, I read that the darker the room, the more you eat. This makes perfect sense since you might pay less attention to how much you've eaten, and apparently the same is true for drinking. People who live in cold, dark areas drink more than people in lighter areas as well, but couldn't this also just be because they are cold and hope to warm up with a drink?

The Rucksack Project

We hear so many terrible stories that it's quite nice when we hear one about people helping people, like these two women in the UK who turned a double decker bus into a shelter for homeless people.  They led a group making many retired vehicles into warm shelters for homeless people who need them on cold nights, including their Stagecoach bus outfitted with not only a dozen bunk beds, but a kitchen and lounge area, too!

Cocktail Safety

Mixing your own drinks is a fun hobby, but sometimes you may be including outdated ingredients that actually aren't quite safe for human ingestion. It's a disturbing thought that many old cocktail books list ingredients that are banned today due to their lack of safety, but this new website can help mixologists learn how to mix drinks safely. 

Stem Cells Help Man Regain Use Of Arms

A young man who suffered a severe injury has undergone some experimental stem cell therapy that has resulted in an incredible recovery. With the therapy, the 21-year-old has regained some use in his arms and hands, a complete breakthrough from previous treatments that only stabilized the spine and never extended those improvements any further from the area affected. 

Stopping Human Slavery

So many people like to think that slavery is over since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, but the truth is so much more complicated. Not only could we argue that slavery still exists in the form of stagnant wages, prison abuse and the inequalities in the work place faced by people of color, but we also need to shine light on the human trafficking that occurs all over the world, which is also known as human trafficking. Human trafficking is something we like to believe happens far away from where we are, but in reality it's in our own backyards.

Family Guy Renewed For Another Season

Was there ever really a doubt that Family Guy might not be renewed after this season? Despite criticism, many of this season's episodes were funnier than usual, and many seem more "woke" than the show was in the past (although I'd argue it still has plenty of steps to go before it reaches the goal of the pedometer of society). Fans can rejoice in the news that Family Guy has been renewed for another season. 

Slugs Glue Frogs To Trees

It's not enough that the poor frogs are facing endangered satus, habitat destruction, mutation from all of the pollutants in our environment and more. Their enemies in the animal kingdom are also causing them problems. An Australian slug can glue its frog opponents to trees, leaving the frogs vulnerable for days. The slug's slime is incredibly sticky, enough to hold a fully grown frog on a tree branch for days at a time.